these days, school friends are always in my mind and i keep talking to some or other most of the times. after leaving school, i was kind of unhappy for sometime but never felt so bad as i do now! sometimes i feel like re-living those moments... wish i could ever go back and stay tuned for sometime!

after these many years, things have changed a lot. we all are scattered across the length and breadth of the country, all busy in a kind of settling down yet, we all have one thing in us... we all miss the golden moments of our life... our school days... our happy days!

yesterday, i called jayaprada and probably i was hearing her voice after many days. it was great to talk to her... she has not changed a bit (except in her professional field). we cherished some cool and funny moments we had together, while being at school... those chit-chats of endless number of things, eating junkies after tuition, drenching in rain and many more tales to tell! after she hung up, i called debahhuti and again, i heard her voice after a long time. i last met her at bhubaneswar, while attending some off-campus. but then, it's long past. we talked again on many things... our career... our lives and many more! when my call sessions ended, my mind was occupied with a brief knowledge about my dear friends. it feels really good to be in touch with old friends and am lucky in this matter! all my dear old friends are in touch with me... all thanks to the telephone service and social sites!

hope this friendship lasts forever!

few days back, i had a small chat with jayaprada which included everything from our school days to our job lives. we both confessed, how our lives have changed and how much we miss those past days... where we were much happier and life was really easy going. we exchanged some bits and parts of the memories which are still fresh in our minds. by the time i reach my room, i was completely occupied by thoughts of my school days, when chuku banged me the news that our principal in school, mrs.p mohanty is no more. i could sense something wet over my cheeks and then i realized that my eyes were wet! tears dropped from my eyes hearing that piece of news. past memories flooded in my mind... our school assembly, her presence, national festival celebrations, functions, punishments, class birthdays and everything. people may or may not like her, but the news of her sad demise definitely disturbed some and somewhat affected me and chuku more, as we were much closer to her. she considered chuku as her own daughter and for me, she was always good. i really can't remember one ocassion, when she ill-treated me. instead i have learnt a lot from her... it's all her courage that the school had this strong foundation. life has this harsh rule that it needs to move on always, without caring if someone has moved ahead or has been left behind. mdam, no matter where you are, but we would always miss you!

pray, may her soul rest in peace! Amen.

after coming into this professional field, the course of life has changed a lot. life has become more disciplined and more monotonous... fun-filled occasions are there but they have lost their charms, quite different from the past days! these days it has started raining in bangalore but like others, the rain has lost its beauty here. in childhood days, the occurrence of first drop of rain on earth was nothing less than a festival... schools suspended as rainy day... roads filled with water... cozy environment in the room... tasty snacks prepared by mom... listening music or reading books under the blanket... are no more found these days. apart from this, the earth has also lost its beauty as it used to be during the rainy season! the grasses don't look more greener... the lost scent of the earth... makes me nostalgic these days! how beautiful were those days! the paper boats, the urge for being drenched in the rain despite of being with umbrellas and rain-coats, always ready to go out of house with the hope of coming back while it rains, the scolding of mom and again the hot bowl of soup... now have completely disappeared from the life. gone are those days leaving numerous memories behind! college was also somewhat good in one way or the other. though i missed certain things, yet it has been special in its own way. i remember how we used to go out just before it starts raining... how we used to get drenched in front of our hostel while it rains cats and dogs... how the rain drops reminded me of those people with whom i would like stay always! gone are those wonderful days and their wonderful ways! while sitting here infront of this system and writing this post, i can clearly feel the flashback of the moments of the rainy days.. how significant were those days then! wish i could ever go back..!!

somehow a different thought stricked me all of a sudden and here am with a post on it. with the busy life and struggle for career... when one gets tired, he simply remembers the past old days, old friends... those sweet and salty memories of childhood and the fun and innocence of those days. but this post of mine is neither about my friends nor about any particular moment of mine... it's just a thought of feeling good due to something!

when i joined school, i actually managed to make a place for myself within quite a few days. i had a good bunch of friends. i was quite popular among my teachers, seniors and juniors as well. here i remember an incident including me and a group of my seniors namely pratyush bhai, gourab bhai and sovan bhai. they were in 6th grade while i was in 1st grade, which was a good difference then. each morning after arriving at school, my first task was to wish them good morning... or good afternoon! started all of a sudden... soon it became a habit for me and for them as well. i can still remember the sweet smile on their faces which made me happy too. we basically had no further interactions apart from this wishing part. soon time passed and they graduated from school to college, which means loss of contact between us. i never knew if i could see them again, although i always wanted to be in touch. soon i joined my and got my exposure to social sites... orkut, facebook and the like. the very tag line of orkut was to stay connected with school/old friends and i managed to find quite a good number of my friends. then one evening, while remembering my school days, i thought about those favorite seniors of mine... and all of a sudden i searched them in orkut... pratyush bhai was the first one in my search list. seeing him was great... through his profile i could see other school seniors of mine... i was feeling so happy! but then i was struck with despair... i kept thinking... do they still remember me? would they ever accept my add request? and i thought i won't add them but to my surprise, after some 2-3 days, i got a scrap from pratyush bhai saying "why visiting the profile only? why not sending a scrap?" i was so happy seeing that scrap that a few drops of tear came out of my eyes... yes, he remembers me! my joy knew no bounds... without a second thought, i added him and thenafter a few of my other seniors also joined me and i was as happy as always. thanks all of you, for remembering me!

making friends is one of my hobbies. i make friends not just for a day or two, rather i develop a relationship that would last for a lifetime. in school, many people came and went while the rest continued to be there. it was with the latter category, a tight bond formed on its own. those were the people with innocent looks, clear hearts and sincere smile... who were always a part of all the best things coming to you and all the worst things happening in your life ;-) a very few to name... with whom i shared my friendship were... samarpita, sasmita, jagruti, jayaprada, debahhuti, sonali, biswaranjan, narendra.... then came a drastic time, when we had to separate from each other and move on with our lives. but then entering into college was also interesting as most of us were in the same college or tutions... so that sense of being separated was not a big threat then. but after college, another part of life came... called the professional life where the word itself fills the mind with a sense of terror. such friends won't be there to give an ear to whatever we have to say or to lend a hand when we need a pull from earth. all were separated, all were busy but then came a time, when one realised the importance of those days and those people. the instant thought of those childhood friends itself was quite pleasing, leave alone the reaction after getting in touch with them..!!

somehow numbers were discovered, e-mail ids were exchanged, orkut accounts were created and friends were searched using friend finders and communities were created to stay connected forever. and today, i think, we all are together once again.. even though we can't see each other everyday, yet we know what the other one is doing in which part of the earth. all this reunion would not have been possible, if the desire of meeting, staying close would have been one-sided. thankfully, the feelings were reciprocated.

it really feels good to talk to one of those school friends and recollect what all had happened. it feels even better when a chat is established between two people who have, due to some stupid reason (but quite an important factor during school days) stopped talking and it feels the best, when you actually connect yourself with a person from school with whom you really wanted to be with but couldn't due to some reasons..!! i guess, i have experienced all the three states of feelings and feel really lucky to have those days and those moments back again, atleast during our conversations. now i realise the importance of those days and ways... which now bring a smile on my face, each time i recall them..!!

to meet and depart is the way of life but to depart and meet is the hope of life..!!

yesterday, while coming back from office, i went to a shop to recharge my cell when suddenly i saw there various kinds of study materials like pen, papers, etc. i don't know why but pens have always tempted me. unable to resist my temptation, i asked the shopkeeper if he has got fountain pens... to which he replied a simple "yes". i could not believe his answer and asked him again for confirmation. then he showed me the varieties of fountain pens he had. by that time, i was completely lost in my world... in my past. school came into my mind. i clearly remember the day when i graduated from writing in pencil to write in pen. papa bought me a fountain pen of blue colour. i was quite excited but had no idea of how to using it. ma told me how to use it. being the first pen of my life, i was utmost careful in its use. i didn't let my friends to touch it even :-) i had no clue that the ink could be refilled in it... for which i used it as less as possible till one day papa asked me about it. after knowing the fact, he laughed like anything and then showed me the ink bottle... convinced me that the pen's ink can be refilled. there was a slight smile on my lips when the shopkeeper interrupted me by asking if i intend to buy any pen or not. then only i realised that, while shuffling the pens i had been lost in my thoughts for around 5 mins. i bought a pen of the same blue colour as my first one's, along with a ink bottle and dropper. i went back to my room, kept the pen quite carefully. past memories flashed in my mind... how our teachers stressed us on writing with ink pens... how many of my class mates hated writing with it and blah blah..!! i was really happy. it has been a long time since i have used a fountain pen. but now... i have one once again..!! it really gives immense pleasure to have things from past when you are actually busy in your present. sometimes, small things of joy adds to great happiness..!!

leaving school was quite painful... all friends gone... all fun gone... all happy days gone..!! a life was waiting ahead with arms wide open... having roses in one hand and flowers in the other. while everyone was busy in the race, some beautiful minds thought of taking a break in a way which they can cherish forever. thus a grand get-together was planned for all davians of our batch. varied emotions and responses were marked... some were actually looking forward for that... some were indifferent while the rest were not interested at all. though i gave my consent from the very beginning but still i was doubtful about its success as many of us were not in contact even. but thanks to the organisers for such plan which was indeed a success. it was cool to see people who were known long back but could neither be remembered nor forgotten afterwards. the get-together paved a new way for those lost friendships. numbers and mail-ids were exchanged and old memories were cherished and as a whole, the programme was a successful venture. the fun and memories of that day was added to our life's book as a lovely chapter. we returned back to our hard old life again but with doubled energy. life is always beautiful when friends are around.

memories play a very confusing role. they make you laugh for the moments you cried before and make you cry for the moments you laughed before..!!