these days, school friends are always in my mind and i keep talking to some or other most of the times. after leaving school, i was kind of unhappy for sometime but never felt so bad as i do now! sometimes i feel like re-living those moments... wish i could ever go back and stay tuned for sometime!

after these many years, things have changed a lot. we all are scattered across the length and breadth of the country, all busy in a kind of settling down yet, we all have one thing in us... we all miss the golden moments of our life... our school days... our happy days!

yesterday, i called jayaprada and probably i was hearing her voice after many days. it was great to talk to her... she has not changed a bit (except in her professional field). we cherished some cool and funny moments we had together, while being at school... those chit-chats of endless number of things, eating junkies after tuition, drenching in rain and many more tales to tell! after she hung up, i called debahhuti and again, i heard her voice after a long time. i last met her at bhubaneswar, while attending some off-campus. but then, it's long past. we talked again on many things... our career... our lives and many more! when my call sessions ended, my mind was occupied with a brief knowledge about my dear friends. it feels really good to be in touch with old friends and am lucky in this matter! all my dear old friends are in touch with me... all thanks to the telephone service and social sites!

hope this friendship lasts forever!

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